Vision & Objectives

catton park trust

Catton Park Trust is a charitable company limited by guarantee

Catton Park is maintained by Catton Park Trust which is a charity that relies on grants and donations to maintain the area for the benefit of its visitors.

 Mission Statement

Catton Park Trust will:

  • Manage and protect Catton Park in a way that is recognised as high quality, enhancing the natural landscape and wildlife whilst promoting enjoyment for the local community and visitors; and
  • Provide opportunities and facilities for education and recreation in a safe and attractive environment, which will encourage greater understanding of the heritage and natural assets of Catton Park.

 Vision for the Future

The Trust’s vision for the future is for:

Catton Park to have the reputation as a ‘great Park’ an attractive and sustainable natural environment that retains its character and celebrates its heritage


Strategic Objectives

The Trust has done a great deal of work in identifying what is important about Catton park and how to focus itself and those who are active in managing and supporting Catton Park.

Over the next 10 years – through to 2026 – the Trust will be working towards three strategic objectives that will make the vision a reality.

  1. Develop and implement ways of working and activities that ensure the long-term sustainability of Catton Park.
  2. Promote and develop volunteering within Catton Park.
  3. Manage Catton Park to enhance its facilities and activities to build on the Park’s reputation as a ‘great Park’.

The Members of Catton Park Trust are members of Old Catton Parish Council
The list of Parish Councillors and their contact details can be found through this link
Further details (and annual report) can be found at the Charity Commission website

While Trustees may be members of other bodies, Trustees must always act in the best interest of the Trust.